February 25, 2011

Killer Chicken

Although the recipe I'm sharing today is my husband's own, I'm sure he's with me in dedicating this great dish to the one who loves it the most -- my nephew Oyel.

Allow me to share a little story about Oyel. (bawal mag-skip)

He had an unusual upbringing in the sense that he was never baby-talked. Never. Having been born to young parents, he was surrounded with fun-loving adults who talked to him like he was grown up. Pretty soon we had ourselves a toddler who himself talked like an adult. Like one time, he was standing in line behind a nursery classmate whose hair he happened to smell. He told the poor kid, "Sabihin mo sa mommy mo, shampoohin ka nang maige ha." And he'd justify that to us on his adult tone, that the girl needed that, and that someone had to tell her. Haay.

Every so often we'd find ourselves unmindful of his age and would be sharing our thoughts with this little boy. Once when he was barely three, we got engaged on this talk about me being bullied when I was in college. He listened intently, and when I was done, he uttered calmly but with conviction, "Paglaki ko Tita Ai, papatayin ko sila". Juskupooo, binaby-talk na lang dapat ito.

Mabuti na lang, the killer instinct in him did not progress (thank you Lord), and he has since grown up to be a fine young college boy; his thoughts replaced with fondness for pretty girls and good food. Having said that, this chicken dish is one of his super favorites.

Oo na, eto na, 'to na!

(dubbed as Peppered Chicken too)

Prepare your griller; some uling of course. Then you'd be needing:
  • Chicken thighs
Make a few slits on your chicken. The skin shrinks evenly; thus prettier that way, when grilled.
Now make the mixture for the rub:
  • rock salt
  • cracked peppercorn
  • MSG

Mix 2 parts of salt to 1 part of pepper in a bowl and taktak some vetsin =). Rub on the chicken thighs. Be careful not to add too much, baka umalat.
Now prepare the mixture for basting. You're going to need the following:
  • Star margarine
  • Achuete oil
To make achuete oil, cook on low heat 2 cups of vegetable oil and a cup of achuete (annatto) seeds for about 5 minutes or until you get that dark yellow color. Discard the seeds and there you have your achuete oil.

Back to the basting mixture, put the margarine to 2 parts achuete oil. So for 2 cups of achuete oil, you need to put about a cup of the margarine. Please do your math. You may not be needing this much but it won't hurt to keep the excess.

There goes your basting mixture. Just brush generously on the chicken while grilling, walang hindi masasarapan =).

Oh. For the sawsawan we put soy sauce, calamansi, salt and pepper on vinegar.

It goes very well too with what Oyel named "Margarine Rice".
To make that, just heat on pan 2 tbsp. of that basting mixture, add another tbsp. of margarine, saute about 1 tbsp. of garlic then add about 3 tbsp. of green onions. After a few seconds add about 8 cups of rice. (naparami yata yung about) Put 1 pack of Maggi Magic Sarap and konting salt pa.

There! That's for you, Yel! =)


  1. oyel can't stop dreaming of eating this chicken again. shempre pati ang rice..ika nga nya..panalo! Now i know what to cook for tomorrow.weeeee!!!! thanks tita ai! I hope you can share your secret on how to grill puurrfectly just like those on your picture.=) (napangiti si oyel ng matamis nung nakita)

  2. Hahaha, si Oyel... =)Good luck. Kaya mo yan. Pag mukhang tuyo yung side na nakalabas, tsaka mo lang brush-an.. Wag din pahid ng pahid at baka daig pa nyan ang fried sa mantika. Print this picture itabi mo sa chicken mo. Pag mukha na silang magkapatid, remove from the grill na. Hahaha!


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