February 19, 2011

Ano'ng Gusto mo sa Itlog?

Scrambled, sunny side up, boiled o poached?

Honestly, there was a time when I didn't know what 'poached' was. Kaya naman nang malaman ko na kung ano yon at nagka boyfriend ako ng gwapo, tinanong ko na agad para ma-impress, "Ano'ng gusto mo sa itlog?" Sasagot pa lang s'ya ng "Kinakam---", sinundan ko kaagad ng, "Poached?" Naaaks! Kasal na kami ngayon. Kaya kung gusto mong magka-asawa ng gwapo, learn how to poach an egg perfectly.
Here's how:

1. Put one egg in a small bowl like that of the photo above.
2. Boil about 3 cups of water in a pan o mga 2-3 inches na taas ng tubig.
3. While the water is briskly boiling, add a pinch of salt in the water and a few drops of vinegar in the middle of the pan.
4. Then carefully drop the egg in the middle of the water.
5. Cook for around 2 minutes and scoop carefully with a slotted spoon. Add salt and pepper.

Tip: Don't rush it. It could appear already done in the pan after a minute but you don't want the yolk to come out too runny like what happened to mine. So, a little less than 2 minutes did it for me.

Good luck sa itlog mo. =)


  1. wow! at least ngaun alam ko na din ang poached. hehehe

  2. sana natuto din ako mag poached ng egg nun ng nakapagasawa ng guapo!!

  3. Hahaha. Kaya pala. Kami rin, we just poached eggs this morning (kasi liempo kami last night, sobra na kung sunnyside up today hehe).

    1. Haha buti naman may takot pa rin kayo sa cholesterol Ree! :)


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