August 10, 2013

N@w This Is Priceless

       Volunteering to do the 2013 N@W Breastfeeding Calendar's layout was a no brainer for me, albeit I had recently lost both my yaya and helper at that time. I knew it would be challenging, given all the domestic demands and that of a five-year-old handsome boy with special needs. But for the love of N@W who had always been my sanity saver since the W@W days, I knew it was payback time, so i offered to do the job.
       Working with the lady boss Benz Rana, thru Facebook messenger, email and text was a walk in the park. The sleepless nights didn't really feel like it, because she was fun, easy and light to work with. I wouldn't have done it of course without the very supportive husband, "Ako na dito, gawin mo na yung sa N@W", and sheer luck (thank you Universe) that the handsome son was on his best behavior during those times.
       And so we did it. I was excited to get my own copies during the N@W Christmas Party but stall on looking at them until around midnight when the boys were already asleep and all the house works were done. In other words, I planned to savor the moment during my "ME" time.
       I took them out of the loot bag and noticed that one copy didn't have the board base for the desk calendar to stand. I thought it was ok.. and that I'd keep that one for my portfolio.

       I took a second look, and then I saw it...
       ... and I knew it was going to be a very special "ME" time. :)
       This was the sweetest thank you I have ever received and I cried as I read the messages one by one.
       You are very welcome and always will be, dear N@Wies. And thank you for the overwhelming LOVE you have been showing our family to this very day. 

August 08, 2013

The N@W 2013 Breastfeeding Calendar

            It's August, and since it's Breastfeeding Awareness month, I thought of sharing the N@W (newlyweds@work) Breastfeeding Calendar I did last year. The models are my pretty co-mommies in the group with their adorable kiddos.

               Awesome... breastfeeding rocks! :)

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