August 25, 2009


After 3 small happy birthday parties, Choychoy has finally turned two! Since they were just 3 house parties, most of the pictures are just not for posting. (use your imagination - it could be me on my worst house clothes engorging on the pancit or my husband showing off his hyperhidrosis)

So here are just a few I find passable.
The Birthday Cake:

The candle blowing, on Party #3:

The buntings I made - thinking they would make Choychoy shout "WOOOWWW!" (He didn't. Not even close, hehe...)

The cookie lollies Tita Nini baked.
Special acknowledgement goes to Ate Girlie for the crazy icing drawings of the teddy bears.

Now this, was from Party #2.
That's the original Mrs. Latoja, my mother-in-law, Ate Mylene and Geo. Don’t miss the very happy birthday boy on foreground!

Joni and the equally adorable Diego from Party #3:

Random faces, still from Party #3:

The beautiful gifts:

Dex and I are truly grateful beyond words. Our Franco's first two years have gone past very smoothly. He has exceeded our expectations BIG time, literally. Everyone has extra love to spare for our little big boy and we couldn't be happier.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to your son :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Choychoy. Daming gifts! WOW also to the buntings. :)

  3. Thanks Joanne! =)

    Thanks, Tita Tani!
    Ang buntings - dineadma naman, hehehe =)

  4. no pictures from party 1??sad...:(

  5. cute cute ng giant na yan.. (labo no?) :)

  6. Making kulit Ninong Marlon and Ninang Juan for Party #1 pics pa =)

  7. love the buntings--di ko ata kakayanin yan hahaha


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