August 26, 2009

A Giant in the Making

Choychoy has always been big. We never met a single person who didn't drop their jaw each time we reveal his true age after they asked or guessed. Although we were always concerned about his being overweight, his height was also always above the normal values, so we just shrug it off, and give him another cookie.

I’m kidding!

One night anyway, the tape measure was easier to reach than the weighing scale so we took his height, searched the internet for the growth chart, put a point here and a point there, connect, and got this:
You must fall within the yellow line to be in the normal range, but his was up there. No biggy for me (yet). He is tall, alright. But a few more clicks though and I found myself taking the height predictor test and got this!

Yikes, quite a giant for a brown, don't you think?
Hay, Cherifer! =)


  1. hahaha joni's in the lowest normal range.always.dapat talagang si choy ang kasama nya lagi para me bodyguard sha. basta laging me upang cookies siguro.:)

  2. Naku bigyan ko na nga din ng cherifer c kimy. makahoard na pguwi namin. hehehe


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