August 12, 2009

Turning Two

In the middle of a book project, the thought of Choychoy's upcoming 2nd Birthday crossed my mind, and quickly like there's some sort of urgency, I opened the folder in my computer that holds my birthing photos.

It happens to me a lot of times. When everyday routine goes to a plateau and you're not expecting anything exciting to happen anytime very soon, nothing could make you feel better than to be reminded of the most blissful moments of your life like this. Apart from browsing through our wedding pics, it’s remembering the moment of seeing the baby you hold inside and waited patiently for to hold and cuddle for nine long months, that will not fail to make you feel proud and elated anew. This time though, it's to reminisce the past 2 years that has unbelievably gone too fast.
It was a rainy Thursday, our usual regular check-up day, when our OB decided to do the CS the next morning. The photo where I was wearing the yellow-green shirt was taken before we left for the check-up.

This is Dex of course, asking Choychoy to calm down because he became unusually restless that night. That was Tatay on the other line, early morning of Choychoy's birthday.

I was all ready for pick-up! Photo ops with the newly-shaved Dex and Nanay, the selfless caregiver.

Dex tending to an imaginary patient as Nanay takes his picture. Goofing around just before they prayed the rosary.

Being taken inside Genesis and the one with the tears of joy, hehehe...

The best first kiss! Flowers from Ate Girl and Ate Icon.

My boys! =)



The Changing of the Guards. =(

Last Room-in and we're going home!

At the Huggery...

Long shot by the Huggery door and at the lobby..

That's about it! The first (sleepless) days at home is worth another blog entry! =)

I can't believe how big he's grown...
and how long the sideburns have become.


  1. how i wish tatay see choy this big!

  2. Yep, sayang talaga... =(
    I feel though he still watches over us. Like sometime last week, biglang humangin ng malamig sa kwarto na iba, promise, for about a minute. It's not the aircon, Dex and I both felt it. Nyahhh!!!! =)

  3. Ang cute ng anak mo sis! Ang lusog kahit nun newborn pa lang siya. :) I too consider the birth of my children as the happiest moments in my life. :)

  4. Wow...very well documented naman ang birthing story mo ; ) Choy is so cute ; )

  5. Hi Tani, thanks! Ya, iba no? =)

    Hey Jeng, thanks!
    Joaqui's sooo cute din! =)


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