April 09, 2011

The Secret to the Bonggang Dessert

Here's how to make this easy but bonggang dessert.
Prepare the following ingredients:
  • 4 big ripe mangoes
  • 2 packs Crushed graham crackers

  • 1 300 ml can Nestle cream, chilled
  • 3 tetra packs all-purpose ceam, chilled
  • 225 ml condensed milk (1 can is 300ml)
  • 1-2 tsp. lemon juice (optional)

1. Mix the last 4 ingredients well to make a rich, creamy mixture. Set aside. Since the cream is chilled prior to this step, chances are, we'll get the perfect consistency later, when we start layering. (it turns out too thick if too cold; and runny if not chilled)

2. Now it's time to prep the mangoes. Slice like how we all do it, leaving the seed, like photo #1 below. Scoop the fruit from the skin with a big spoon or a wide mouth glass; see photo #2. Then chop of both ends of the scooped mango and slice thinly the rest thinly. refer to photo #3.

2. Now let's start layering the 3 major parts of  the obra: The crushed Graham crackers, the cream mixture and the mangoes. Apparently that's the correct sequence.

                  So again, that's crushed Graham crackers, the cream mixture, mangoes.
                  Crushed Graham crackers, cream mixture, mangoes.
                  Crushed Graham crackers, cream mixture.... STOP!

3. It's time to make it bongga. Arrange the mangoes in a circular fashion, starting from the edges as shown in photo #1 below. Work your way towards the center, making sure to place the 'petals' in an increasingly upright position until you reach the middle. By then, you shall have formed the beautiful flower.

                                 Put it now in the ref, chill for like 20 minutes
                                 Then magbihis ka na bilis, dont ask na kung bakit!
                                 Birthday man o hindi, go bring that to your Byenan
                                 At least, for the record, nakapag-sipsip ka kahit minsan


  1. bongga talaga!ma try nga to mamya..=) in each container, do you put 1 layer of graham and cream lang or madaming layer?=)
    ay fan mo din ako!=)

  2. Thanks for sharing sis!
    ibang level ka talaga.
    question. my photographer ka b?
    kase kung wala, naimagine ko na kung pano mo inalternate yun pag balat ng mangga, then tuyo ng kamay then picture, then hiwa then tuyo uli ng kamay then picture.
    keep the recipes coming!

  3. Hahaha! Ayan, dalawa na kayong fans. H'wag ka ngang tamad, syempre multiple layers mas maganda. Pag may dinner dyan gawin mo sa Pyrex na bilog, maganda yun kasi big flower tapos kita sa sides yung layers =)Tapos puno ha. Corny yon pag lubog sa Pyrex, gets? =)

  4. Sis Maqui! Thanks for dropping by!
    Hahaha oo, effort yan sis. Magaling ka mag-imagine! Kaya sorry na lang kung yung ibang recipes walang photos ng procedure. Ibig sabihin medyo kinapos sa time non. =)

  5. wow ang sarap, i will try this now na! salamat mareng carms. I found my new martha -- Connie :)

  6. Hi Carms...thanks for sharing...gawin ko rin to kc nasa tabi ko ung youngest ko nung binabasa ko to ang sarap daw gawa daw din ako...hahaha :))

  7. Connie, hahaha! Thanks! =)

    Vangie, game gawa ka na, masarapan sana si bunso! =)

  8. Hi! We just became friends sa fb, yet already I'm learning from you. Thanks for sharing! (I'm so drawn to the presentation of this dish!)^^ ~ terri (l'amourdepapiere)

  9. Terri, that's so flattering coming from you, thanks! I soooo love your paper creations!! See you more here or in FB =)

  10. My daughter wants to prepare your graham cake for me on the Father's day kaya lang naawa na ako at nagagastusan. She tried it twice in layers but the cream and milk mixture cannot penetrate in the crushed graham after chilling dry pa rin ang bread. Bakit kaya? Thank you.

  11. been making this recipe for a long time but this art i so love!!! super simple lang gawa ko eh hehehehe...lazy daisy...thanks for sharing!!! :P

  12. my ged. this looks so yummy. i am jealous. no Philippine mango dito sa amin. :(

  13. Hahaha!!! Parang naka-relate ako sa dapat sumipsip sa byenan - kahit minsan! Hahaha

  14. ow nice, thanks for sharing how to make a graham mango cupcake :)

    |Playgroup Singapore

  15. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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