April 20, 2009

Bigger than the Biggest Heart

YES, I was actually given an award!

The biggest heart award. Awww... (applause) Thank you n@wie sis, Anna. I don't know what I have done to deserve this. *taps chest twice and pauses* Now I'm forced to make my first blog entry ever, 'cos you're supposed to pass this on to someone, and I'm taking the chance, to say my piece.

Well, quite frankly, it must really take one big heart to:
  • ...be a stay-at-home-mom and juggle it with freelance work and some cooking.
  • ...restrain yourself from hitting a husband, who, upon seeing you after going home from work, would burst into laughter because your hair is all messed up, face pale and sweating, and panting from running your tiny household.
  • ...be able to bear a helper, who insists that my Tatay's cancer is in Stage 5, sleeps early, wakes up late and takes 2 hours of siesta in the morning and 3 to 4 more hours in the afternoon.
  • ...not let go of a dog who eats his own shit, would rather starve to death than eat dog pellets for our convenience, befriends anyone who comes near our gate and would probably just lick a burglar's empty hand.
So am I saying I deserve this biggest heart award?
Umm... let's just say, aherm, I take great pride in saying that I survive not-so-ordinary domestic situations like these. But you see, none of you ever hear the whining and the complaining.
The truth is if it takes one big heart to live the life I'm living, it takes a bigger heart to make it easy for me.

I am therefore passing on this award to my husband. Yes, the one who laughs at me when I look wrecked, and say the sweetest things after. The one who patiently listens to all my complaints, laugh at some, but addresses them all after. The one who I know will always be beside me in this journey we're both new at. The one who I'll share laughter with, for the rest of my life. The one with the biggest heart of all, my husband.
And thank you, of course, to all my sponsors. *waves*

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